It was a fun media-filled ride today for the VeloViet cycling club. Vicky Nguyen, a local television reporter, showed up with a camera man to interview and film the VeloViets in action.

A quick bio of Vicky. She is a CSUF graduate with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film, and is a TV host for Saigon TV and a news reporter for Garden Grove's TV3. For this feature, Vicky is doing a television piece for a show on Saigon TV. Also making a "rare" appearance was Cap't "Zeus" Thomas. Thomas has been very busy with different events in the local Vietnamese community, but took time to come out and visit us. All were excited to see Thomas on the bike again.

Also visiting were some cycling friends from San Jose, XeDapViet's Dzung and Margaret, who rode with our VeloViet's Endurance Crew in a double century (yup that's 200 miles folks!). A lot of action today!

After a quick interview with Cap't Scott and the VeloViet Ladies, we quickly transformed Reporter Vicky into a cyclist and outfitted her with a road bike. Vicky definitely looks good in a VeloViet cycling jersey! A few more photos and we are off!

Here is a link to the videos. Enjoy!

Saigon TV - Part 1

Saigon TV - Part 2

Saigon TV Blog Recap